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The Most Difficult Year of All
Riding the "Merry-Go-Round"
The "Silver Lining" ...


20,000 Pieces of WHAT?
A New Location is Coming ... !
Arrival of fresh inventory ...
Breaking News ....
Scarce Space Memorabilia For Sale
The "Merry-Go-Round"
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The Silver Lining ...
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     Hi there, this is Mark, apologizing for the lateness in posting this blog.

     There's been a lot of work going on behind the scenes.   My previous location lacked the space to display the quantity and quality of merchandise I desired.   A couple or so months was required to locate an area that fitted the parameters of the  location that I felt would work best.   

     A great location was primary.

The Most Difficult Year of All

A MOST DIFFICULT YEAR ... Time passes so quickly, and there is always so much to do.

The difficult first:    Early March, 2015, Annis suffered an aneurysm stroke and passed within seconds.   
                                    A few months later, Lochinvar passed due to congestive heart failure.

     A most difficult year.  Throughout all the stages and months of grieving,  the pet Conure parrot helped me well.

Riding the "Merry-Go-Round"

Greetings, all.

     Why do we ride the Merry-Go-Round?    To catch the "brass ring", of course.

     Well, we have a lot of "brass rings" at the "Antique Center"  that haven't been caught yet.  Why is that?,  you ask?     Think high quality with a corresponding price.   Large Meissen, Majolica, porcelain table centerpiece, signed bronzes, original Chanel jewelry, 17th/18th/19th century fabrics and laces,  antique cast iron toys, 18th/19th c orientalia including porcelains/cloisonnes/bronzes, exquisite 19th c boxes, reliquaries, .

The "Silver Lining" ...

The “Silver Lining” 
     “Lemons into lemonade” - the old phrase still works.   Our shop, in the Thompson’s Antique Center of Texas located in Northwest Mall, is encircled by mountains of dirt and concrete.   Yes, you read it correctly.    The highway construction enlarging the highway and overpass system around our mall nearly isolates us.    Customers knowing where we’re located have difficulty getting to us, and highway traffic around us can’t see us.


     Whoopee!    Good news!   The hanky / handkerchief sales have really been increasing. 
     Andrew and I acquire older and distressed handkerchiefs.   We check them for damages, then give them a bath in the "Vintage Soak" that well sell to brighten them and remove any staining.   Lightly press them.    Those that already have embroidered names or monograms, we starch, iron and seal package them.

WHOA! Time is flying by ......

   Time has really been flying by!    We had an aunt, who when confronted with letting life pass her by, commented "I just wave hello as it goes by ..".    Well, we've been reaching out ant grabbing all the life that we can.    Yeah, that's a lousy excuse for waiting so long to talk on the blog, but's it's fairly true.   

Annis and I try to experience all in life that our bodies will allow.    Our brains emphatically endorse, but our bodies sometime can slow us.

It's TRUE - Unbelievable, but TRUE .....

    An acquisition of NASA space memorabilie now offered for sale!     Photos of outer space.    Candid photos
of astronauts at home and at training.    Documented patches that have been in space.
Provonenced signed photos of astronauts!    Group photos of astronauts - signed by each
astronaut in the photo.   An actual 4"x6" US flag that has flown in space.  

Documents from NASA departments, actual proofs of published literature.

WHOA, the holiday season is upon us ....

The holiday season is getting closer every day.    Now's the time to start thinking about gifts for 
holiday season - and about how we;re going to look for the holiday season festivities.

     A huge acquisition of estate costume jewelry!   At least 20,000 pieces!    AND, the lady
coyly said that she had personally worn each piece at one time or another during her
life.    Necklaces, bracelets, rings, pins, brooches, watches - so many designs and colors

Summer's over and Fall is beginning ...

Summer is complete and the fall season has arrived!

Fortunately, our antiques have been selling well enough that we've been able
to replenish our inventory with a variety of fresh items.  An 1800's solid brass 
fireplace fender and andirons.   A great additional selection of ivories - including
figurals, netsukes and ink stamp seals.    Fabulous lace from the 1800's and 1900's 
that can be easily used with today's clothing and pillow/craft items.   Some great

Finally! Another addition to the Blog!

Another turn or two on the carousel of life, and here I am again!
We're always getting in additional antiques into the shop, and I'm determined not to increase the floor space.  So, that means that I have to continually be more innovative in arranging and place displays in a finite space.   Height and layers (shelves) seem to work best.
BTW, I have a 'partner' now!   Think "antique pickers" here.   A friend I've know for some time, Jimmy Heffernan, has supported himself all of his adult life buying and re-selling antiques to dealers.
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