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The "Merry-Go-Round"
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The Silver Lining ...
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What to do with superior quality antiques?

     Over the years we've bought and sold a lot of different antiques and collectibles.  Some obviously take longer to sell than others, but all eventually sell.  However, there slowly accumulates a category of antiques that due to the uniqueness and/or the scarceness (read in here, value), that are very slow to sell.  A person purchasing such an antique needs to pass a  three-part criterion:  know about the antique, desire to acquire it, and have the means to afford it.

A personal note ....


Our ground-stone Annis had a routine mammogram a couple of months ago, and sure enough, a suspicious formation.  Cutting to the chase, she opted to accelerate the sometimes long and tedious task of discovery, identification and multiple opinions, and have a mastectomy.   The malignant cancer was completely removed before it had an opportunity to spread to lymph nodes!


Some history ...

Somewhat of a mis-sight on my part in not giving a little background on the Thompson Antique Center of Texas.  Several decades ago, the future doyenne of antiques in Houston, Carolyn Thompson, founded and established the "Carolyn Thompson's Antique Center of Texas", located on Old Katy Road near the 610-290 Hwys in close-in west Houston. Hailed as "Texas' Largest", there was little  arguability.  An instant success, it 
progressed merrily along it's way.

Amazing ... !

     Wow!   How time flies 'when you're having a good time'!

      It's difficult to believe that it's been about six months since my last blog post.

     I'm going to try to be more diligent in the future.   Close to the first of a month now,
so that's how I'll set my internal reminder.  A lot's been happening, so I'm going to do some 
separate postings today so that the posts are more easily read and understood - a long post

Opening thoughts

January of 2013, and the start of a website.

It'll be challenging to keep a regular and committed blog that will be interesting enough to 
gain your attention and still entice you to return.  I'll give it a try by keeping the followers
abreast of what's happening as it's happening.   Not to mire you in details, but to create
the desire to log in again so you don't miss something.  

Notice of new adventures, how they progress, how they succeed or fail, and of course
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